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I have been reflecting quite a bit this week about goals, how to identify them, how to keep them and how to share them. Mainly because I have been reviewing my own goals. 

We have lots of different goals: personal, professional, goals for our organisations, goals for our children, goals for our football teams. But if you are a West Ham supporter that last one might be a bit of a fantasy just at the moment……….I can say that – my husband is a West Ham supporter and he is a little grumpy right now…..

In our personal and working lives, goals have to be:

  • Clear
  • Defined
  • Positive
  • Challenging
  • Real
  • Interesting
  • Able to be visualised
The also have to be one more thing if we are to take them seriously: they need to be written down. Once we have written them down they are real, touchable, and we have admitted to them in public. OK, that public may only be your cat watching as you write it down and them hide it at the back of a drawer, but you have done it, committed it to paper, and admitted to yourself that you want something more than what you already have. That matters.
If you still don’t really know what your goals are, think about this:
  • What do I enjoy doing at work?
  • What do I enjoy doing when I am not at work?
  • What would I do tomorrow if I won £1,000,000 on the Lottery?
  • What makes me wake up thinking – Fab! Today is the day that I ………?
  • What makes me smile?
One last big question: what would I like to do more of?
One thing that people often say to me when we talk about aims, goals, objectives and happiness is that they feel selfish if they talk about their goals, as if they somehow detract from other peoples aims. They don’t.  Unless they involve zombie flesh eaters and your own private empire monitored by Gorgons. If your goals make you happy and meet the above aims, you will be happier, more fulfilled, will smile more and will be nicer to be around. Even when you are not achieving your goals, the fact that you have something you want to aim for, that you will be purposefully pursuing your pathway and have a picture in your head of what could be, you will be a nicer person. Trust me!
The only thing between you and your reasonable goals is you.

The next things to ponder are what you will need to move towards your goals. And that is what we will think about next time………….meanwhile: write down your goals. It doesn’t matter if you think they are silly, or childish, or out-of-reach. Write them down. Tell someone you trust, perhaps. Maybe even email me or message me on here and tell me. I won’t tell anyone! And you are then one step closer to making them happen. 
That really does work!! Try it out. And we’ll pick this up again next time.

Thought for this week

     Robert Copeland,  said ” To get something done, a committee should consist of no more than three people, two of whom are absent.”
     Leonardo Da Vinci said “There are three classes of people: Those who see. Those who see when they are shown. Those who do not see.”

   And what is that to do with anything? I am reflecting this week on what happens when something needs to be done – achieved – completed – addressed – DONE!! When we know what needs to be done, and making it happen is the job in hand. 

 There is a great deal of emphasis on team work now – and quite rightly so. We all operate in a team whatever we do – work is partnerships, partnerships work. But that can lead to an imbalance, a tilt of the demands towards one partner to the disadvantage of the others. Sometimes this is due to a misunderstanding of the relationship, but sometimes it is the result of one partner giving less to the relationship than the other partners. It is possible to hide in a partnership, but when that happens it is no longer a partnership. Whatever the cause some talking needs to be done! Errrrmmmm…I think I mean some listening needs to be done.

 Frank Tyger said: “Be a good listener. Unlike your mouth, your ears will never get you in trouble”.

   Who among us has not arrived at work on auto-pilot, done stuff, and gone home? Now, re-wind. When was the last time you arrived at work, listened to your colleagues, did stuff and went home? Which worked best? What achieved more? What made you feel the best? That interaction that happens when you listen – properly listen and respond – is what makes it all go round. It is the point at which we go “ah, I see” or “ok – I understand” or even “that’s crap – did you really mean to say that?”!! All of which should lead to action! When we “get it” and understand what is happening we are better able to manage it, to do what is needed, to get it done. And getting it done is, after all, what we are paid to do. But getting it done in a comfortable and happy environment – that’s what your leaders are paid to ensure – in partnership with you!!

  So – top tip for this week: reflect on what it takes for you to listen and hear; reflect on how you can support your leaders, managers, whatever, to create the best environment  for achievement; think through what you can do to make it happen. And then tell someone – and please, check that they are listening!!




Time Management Tips Are Really Self-Management Tips!

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