Being a good boss, being a good team member

Good Bosses are Good Leaders, and they all have three things in common: they all care about their team, they all care about quality, and they all care about their customers/punters/people using their services or products. Because of those three things they all also provide three things in common: Vision, Systems, and Cherishing. I will explain!

A Good Boss has the bigger picture at the front of her mind. She thinks, listens, plans, analyses, and brings the parts into the whole. This isn’t simple: it takes time, skill, the ability to see past the stats to the reality, and to see how that reality impacts on the Big Plan and the direction the team needs to take to make sure the Big Plan happens, and indeed what the Big Plan needs to be. It means factoring in the even bigger picture, political, economic, and social; factoring in the individual talents of the team so that they work to the benefit of the whole and she provides opportunities for people to develop the skills they have and grow skills they didn’t know they had. She takes the rap and acknowledges that The Buck Stops Here. She keeps her head slightly above the other heads in the team so that she can see further ahead and spot the icebergs.

A Good Boss makes sure that, once the direction is set, as above, the pathways are clear. This involves putting systems into place, the pathways that make sure stuff happens at the right time, in the right way, and that it can be demonstrated, monitored and maintained . She doesn’t have to service the systems, she just needs to make sure the right systems are in  place and people know how to use them. The systems should free her up to do the other things a Boss needs to do. She will be making sure that Quality Happens.

A Good Boss cherishes her team. This isn’t all cuddly and fluffy, it is more about motivating and developing people, maximising their abilities and making sure that even their hidden talents are revealed and developed and that they know that their talents and qualities are valued and appreciated . This can mean all kinds of things from coaching individually, developing team events and forums, increasing peoples responsibilities to encourage their growth and confidence, devolving projects to people, maybe just talking and listening and being credible.

A Good Boss works towards being redundant: if she does all of the above the project/team/service will run itself, at least for a while. Once all the above is in place and working properly a Boss could take a few weeks off, could run another project, without her absence being noticed. After a few weeks her vision and clarity might be needed again to re-set the process, but it should maintain itself  for a short period just on its own momentum.

A Good Team values this. There are people who think, because a Boss doesn’t and shouldn’t have to dash about Doing Stuff because she is is internally busy thinking stuff, understanding stuff and planning stuff, she isn’t “doing anything”. Some team members fail to understand that that is their job, and that the Good Boss is freeing them up to do their jobs and to develop their roles. There are team members who get this and value it, and make full use of the Good Boss resource available to them, and they may get to develop themselves into Good Bosses eventually. And enjoy the journey on the way!!

A Good Team works hard at being a Good Team, uses the Good Team muscles that the Good Boss has enabled them to exercise and bulk up and a Good Team  practices and rehearses the ballet that a Good Team performs in order to work together.  But as with all ballet performances, just one shabby dancer can cause chaos. More than one means the dance is chaotic, not a dance, more of a shambles. All the performers need to be able to rely on all the others to play their own parts and all parts might be different, to be in the right place at the right time, move in the right way, and catch the others when they leap or fall. A Good Team identifies the vulnerable spots, the members who are for one reason or another not playing their parts well enough, and the Good Team and Good Boss work together to help that member re-learn their moves. That can only happen when the dancer is willing to learn, willing to rehearse and practice and understand which bits of her dance were not working and trust her colleagues to support her and be honest enough to tell her what she needs to do. The Good Team with a Bad Dancer is a temporarily Less Good Team! But because it is fundamentally a Good Team it has the capacity to carry the weak dancer while she learns the moves.  The weak dancer is not always the same person – the Team is made up of individuals, all of whom have A Life and all of whom will function at different levels at different times. Just because a dancer sprains an ankle and is the weak partner for a while doesn’t mean that dancer is always going to be the weak link – the sprain heals, the dancer re-learns the steps, and the dance goes on. The team bends and shifts and adapts to accommodate that and the boss respects it.

A Good Boss deserves a Good Team, and a Good Team inevitably has a Good Boss. What sort of team do you belong to? How can you improve it? Are you the Weakest Link………? Are your colleagues up to the job of carrying you for a while, and are you up to the job of re-learning your steps? And will your boss take the risk of allowing that to happen?

Message me, email me, and let me know about your team and your boss!!

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