Time Management – how is it going?

Well, it seems like only a week since I last blogged about this. Oh, wait, it is only a week since I last blogged about this. I thought a quick re-cap on how to manage time might be helpful. I hope you have had time to read it and time to put it into practice……..thank you, again, to all the people who have emailed me with their thoughts.

Incidentally, this time management lark takes proper practice, so those who find it all a little scary – the notion of stepping away from  tasks or building in task-time and down-time – could take some comfort from the fact that I had several emails from people who “simply couldn’t” plan so effectively because they forget stuff. That is the point – if you plan and factor in those blips you rarely forget. And for those of you who claim to prefer to be spontaneous – you know who you are and I have already replied to your emails!! – I ask: at what cost? Spontaneity is lovely during holidays and weekends (if you don’t have a family and ironing to factor in….) but doesn’t cut it as a lifestyle choice in the world of employment and business. Trust me.

Here is a daily Q&A for you to use:

  • Do I have a jobs-to-do list?
  • What is the most important thing I am going to do today?  (Note to Old Man – this can include buying chocolate for a hard working wife/spouse/husband/partner/significant other/insignificant other/harem)
  • Have I allocated a slice of time for it?
  • Am I doing anything to help me to avoid doing or facing anything at the moment (you know what I mean – my personal favourite is deleting emails……clearly they can’t wait until I have completed that important but daunting task that I am pretending not to avoid….)
  • What physical exercise will I get today?
  • Are the people that I am spending time on today adding value to my life?
  • Will I get some Labrador Time today? (Labradors have got it sussed – they run about, eat, get muddy, bark a bit and get stuff done, and then they lie down and stare into the fire or into space before getting up and doing it all again with wagging tails, wet noses and plenty of energy. The only bits I want out of those are the energy and the down time. Sadly I also seem to have acquired the wet nose…….)
  • What will I enjoy doing today?
  • What am I looking forward to?
Labrador Time is as important as the stuff-doing time. If you – I am looking at you –  don’t have time to quietly think and be yourself, to re-position your self at the centre and keep in touch with what makes you you, you will cease to be you and will just be a work-machine with add-ons. Equally, trying to cram Labrador Time into a frantic regime will not allow you to expand to fill it, and if you don’t fill your Labrador Time you might as well be a stuffed Labrador…….
Go – work, play, rest, have a good life. Wag your tail……….
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