Red Nose Day

However cynical we are, however syrupy it gets, however annoying the backing tracks are (who needs them? It is all poignant enough without the music) – pick up the phone or visit your bank and make a difference. One thing that struck me so hard: the dignity and respect shown to people. Vulnerable or disadvantaged people not treated as if they are worthy causes or “different”.

It is outrageous that people still have to make choices about which child lives or dies, about who gets the medicine, when there is so much abundance in this world. A good friend of mine who was Jewish and who was sent to a camp during WWII was given the “blessing” of being able to choose which of her children lived and which died, because she was a trained nurse and of use to the Nazis. Imagine that. Now imagine that it still happens because, despite all the money and abundance in the world now, the medicines that could stop these choices having to be made are not available to the ones who need them.

If you saw someone lying on the pavement dehydrated and in pain on your street, wouldn’t you stop and help? Why is it different if they are old and demented or black and in Africa?

Get dialling, friends. Your fiver makes a difference.

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