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The 40 Bed Home Sweet Home

40 beds. Seriously? Is this as far as we have come?

Love, Belief and Balls

A good Facebook friend sent me the following link yesterday. Right from the off, the alarm bells should be ringing so violently as to give Quasimodo the hump. The story is about plans to build a “40 bed supported living centre” in Northumberland.

Have a look:

How many readers of this blog live in their own home that happens to have 40 beds? They are not calling it a home – it’s a “centre”. How many readers of this blog live in a Centre? It cannot possibly be supported living as we know it. It’s a mixed up jumble of words that reeks of exploitation. Exploitation of our language. Exploitation of the people intended to live in the centre.

I tried to look up Lenore Specialist Care but surprisingly they don’t have a website. So, is the 40 bed centre their first foray into the world of social care…

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